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The Incident

Tuesday, May 27 2008 at 1:28 PM by Rick

Not just any incident--the single worst incident of the whole damn trip.

We stopped by Portillo's for an authentic Chicago-style hot dog. It was a quick pit-stop and I wanted some baby powder, so we parked in the Wallgreens lot across the street. After checking-out, I ran across the street to meet Jay at Portillo's. We got a dog with everything and the best chocolate shake I've ever had. It would also turn out to be the most expensive.

Because in the 3 minutes we were in Portillo's the F#$king car got towed!

We ill-advisedly ignored the tow warning sign posted on the Walgreens because we 1) were paying customers and 2) figured there was no way a tow truck could get to the car in 3 minutes.

The cab driver who took us to the impound gave us the skinny. That Walgreens actually has a spotter who, as soon as anyone steps off the property, radios the awaiting tow truck hidden behind the building. So after splitting the tow, that was an $85 chocolate shake.

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