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The Badlands

Friday, May 23 2008 at 12:50 AM by Rick

On our way out of South Dakota we went through the Badlands, which was neat to see, and in my opinion, has a killer name. I mean, c'mon, The Badlands. How awesome is that?

That trip also took us through Wall, SD, a small country town that is home to the semi-famous Wall Drug. I've never seen so much advertising for one store. There are swarms of antique hand-painted signs spanning the countryside, beginning hundreds of miles away in the middle of nowhere. They advertise everything from their "new" T-Rex statue to free coffee and doughnuts for veterans.

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  1. joeygemma Hey Rick... Not sure if you guys are coming through Buffalo, NY, but if ya do you should let me know. I'm here until the end of the month. Anchor Bar is the place of the original Buffalo Wings (if you're interested). Joe
  2. Rick Hey joe-- Big surprise to see you here! Long time no talk. Sorry we missed you, we went through Buffalo and checked out Anchor Bar, but I got your message too late or else I would have definitely dropped by. No internet connection leads to still more missed connections. C'est la vie.