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Redwoods are large and in charge

Wednesday, May 21 2008 at 9:15 PM by Rick

You've seen the pictures of us driving through the Chandelier tree, which provides some evidence as to how big these suckers are.

Thing is, that's not even one of the biggest trees. The biggest ones tower over 360' tall, and just the root ball of a downed redwood was two stories high. Because of the climate (warm with ample humiditiy) everything's bigger in those forests.  The clover are almost the size of your palm.

We camped out by the river in Myers Flat, a small town along the Avenue of the Giants, which is the main roadway through the redwoods. Other than huge trees and the tourist traps built around them, there isn't much to see in the redwood forest, so we moved on to Portland.

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  1. Peege Wow, just incredible in pictures, must have been awe-inspiring in person!