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Friday, May 16 2008 at 3:54 PM by Rick

Since it was Mother's day, we spent a bit of time at Al's sister's house. Her place was gorgeous, the inground pool was complete with fiery torches and dolphin water fountains and mosaic.

We then went on the grand tour of San Fran. We saw all the major stuff.  We drove down Lombard street, the famously steep street in SF with an impressive number of hairpin turns. After safely navigating that stretch, we watched what appeared to be a Chinese drug deal, followed by a woman pumping gas with rubber kitchen gloves. Talk about germophobia. We walked the pier and Wharf, saw the sea lions, bushman, and cruised the coast for a bit. We crossed the Golden Gate bridge for one photo opportunity, then visited China Beach for a second shot. By this time we were getting hungry, so we stopped off for a bite at the Fairmont Hotel, but not before talking with an old rich woman who, based on her lack of social skills and attire, hadn't been outdoors or talked to a non-servant-type-person since roughly 1930.

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  1. franb Welcome back guys. I knew you would have great pictures of SD zoo. Loved the pandas.
  2. franb loved San Fran! but those trees. wow!
  3. hgwhite So... a couple days ago California's highest court ruled that it was unconstitutional to ban gay marriage. Very exciting! Did you guys witness any protests, demonstrations, or activity?
  4. Max Pop and I did Frisco. We also visited Alcatraz. Creepy. Love all your pictures and still reading all about your trip and still loving it.
  5. Max I could not believe the size of those trees. You could actually drive a car through a tree. You looked like a dwarf standing near one. Also liked the pictures of all the vineyards. You could see some of the grape are just coming through. So are mine. Just beginning to make their buds.
  6. Max Just checked on the map. I could not believe the places you traveled too. What a great planned trip. You missed nothing and are going to have a lot of great memories. Good for you both.
  7. Puff Great Pics! My favorites: 1. the sleeping koala at San Diego zoo 2. The Stinking Rose (please tell me you ate there)-- is tied with the bookshelf garage
  8. Puff oh and the pics of the giant trees too