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(no clever name for San Antonio post--sorry Davy Crockett)

Thursday, May 15 2008 at 1:39 PM by Rick

San Antonio is a great city and we were happy to spend some time there.

The Riverwalk is particularly cool, and winds right through the heart of downtown, with shops and restaurants on both sides. We ate fajitas at a mexican place complete with Mariachi band, and people-watched from the balcony as we ate dinner. We then traipsed around town looking for a hotel before deciding to sleep in the car. FYI--The Hyatt has pristine public facilities which freshened us up for the next day, which we spent at the Alamo.

Until asked to take off my hat, we were unaware the Alamo is considered a shrine. For reasons of respect and sanctity, you aren't allowed to take pictures or video inside the walls. So we can't show you the most interesting stuff. In its heydey, I'm sure the outside was quite impressive, but these days it's overshadowed by modern buildings and the city built around it. But it is remarkable to imagine that for 13 days, a battle raged on within these modest walls. A battle that inspired the Republic of Texas to win its independence from Mexico.

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