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Old Pecan Street Festival

Friday, May 9 2008 at 1:53 PM by Rick

The scene on 6th street the next day was totally different than the night before.

Still blocked off to traffic, it was filled with artists tents instead of intoxicated club goers. There was the usual assortment of painters, jewelers and carnival-stype food, but with a heavy dose of metal workers, soap makers, and wood sculptors.

We saw some of the best work we'd seen anywhere, and unfortunately we didn't have a way to pay for or transport all the things we wanted to buy. But the refreshing cherry limeades we did get totally hit the spot.

In contrast to the refreshing beverages, we also peeped some ultra rare pure capsaicin at Tears of Joy. "Blair's 16 Million Reserve" is pure pharmaceutical grade capsaicin crystal rated at 16 million scoville units, the maximum on the Scoville scale, which measure the hotness (piquancy) of chili peppers. For reference, a jalapeno registers about 8,000 Scoville units, and a very spicy habanero clocks in at around 350,000. This Blair's stuff is so rare that it's serial numbered, hand-sealed in wax, protected in a Plexiglas box behind the counter, and costs $400.

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  1. franb Hi Guys, the pictures are great! A few were a little scary at the Canyon--its so biggggg. glad you are enjoying.
  2. Max The pictures are still great. I didn't know what the canyon pictures were but it looked like a cave. And pop thought he could make things out of coke cans. Just wait until I show him this. He may junk his planes after this. Love