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Secret's in the sauce

Thursday, May 8 2008 at 3:05 AM by Rick

The hospitality continues.

Even though we'd only met once, Erica's cousins David and Matt were nice enough to entertain us for a couple days at David's lake house in Missouri City. Great, right? Well it just begins there.

In addition to the comfortable accommodations, David cooked us one hell of a dinner. David's reputation as a cook preceeded him, and even though expectations were high, he did not disappoint. Two serious racks of pork ribs were prepared with David's famous and ultra-secret barbecue sauce, which has taken him a lifetime to perfect. Side items were grilled corn and crispy oven roasted potatoes, both of which were exceptional.

We washed it all down with some Shiner (an excellent Texas beer) and after a few more, were able to persuade David to forfeit the ingredients to his BBQ sauce, but not the proportions. It's a start, and now WE have a lifetime to perfect it.

We spent the rest of the night drinking, laughing, and watching alligators on the lake. Awesome.

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  1. Peege Shout out to David & Matt! Heard all about how wonderful Rick's time was there. You guys are awesome! The food, the pictures of the lake, the drinking, laughing, etc..I'm jealous, wish I was there, too!
  2. Max Are you sure about the recipe for the sauce. It could be the same one they used in Fried Green Tomatoes.