In the Rear View

Gator Bait

Thursday, May 8 2008 at 3:08 AM by Rick

As mentioned, David's house is on a lake. A lake filled with turtles and alligators.

A picturesque view of the lake can be enjoyed from the deck, and you can walk right down the private pier that extends over the lake. This was a favorite spot for us and the gators, who like to tan on a small corner of the deck.

It was fascinating to see them up close and in action. Sometimes Precious, Matt's Pomeranian pup, gets a little too close.

Alligators move through the water effortlessly and with no wake. They never seem to be in a hurry, but move deliberately, cautiously, and cover ground fast. At night, their glassy eyes reflect an eerie red, which is how you spot them in the dark. By the end of our stay, we'd seen a couple adults, a mid-sized one, and one or two babies.

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  1. Peege The pictures are great. Dave, Matt you live in a beautiful place. Nice of you both to share your generous hospitality with Rick & Jay!
  2. Max It sounded like it was one beautiful night. Boy you guys are having some great experiences. Wish I was there.
  3. Max Forgot to say that the pictures are great. You both are going to be filled up with so many stories it will take weeks to tell.