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Friday, May 2 2008 at 2:12 PM by Jay

It's come to our attention that some visitors have had some difficulty posting comments and registering to the site. I have made some changes to hopefully help avoid some of the confusion relating to registering, and commenting.

In terms of registering, you can now choose your own password instead of using the randomly generated password. To register, click the "Register" link to the left or click Here!

As far as commenting, it is by design that you must register and log in to post comments. I have hopefully made it a little easier to register (see above). Once registered and logged in, you can post comments to your hearts desire.

There are many reasons why you must register and log in to post. Mostly, we'd like to know who you are so we can respond accordingly. Further, in the same way we get lots of spam emails, in a short time this site would be riddled with spam comments.

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4 Responses

  1. hgwhite excellent- I wouldn't be happy be faced with lots of spam comments, and I can only imagine you guys feel the same.
  2. Max I haven't had anymore trouble since you told me to check on my password. It works out great for me. Keep the copy coming. Love it
  3. franb Hi Guys, the pictures and description are absolutely great. Don't think money think FUN! Love ya both.
  4. Max That was an awfully big Lady Bug. Thanks for the ELVIS. Still a great fan. Had a great time with Erica's family. We all had a ball. Hope to see you soon.