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Friday, May 2 2008 at 10:45 AM by Jay

We thought it might be interesting at this quarter way point (actually a little past it) to share with you some interesting numbers regarding our trip:

  • We've been gone for 16 days 17 hours 27 minutes and 12 seconds (about 401 hours).
  • We've traveled 3076 miles from Cranston, RI.
  • We've used 124 gallons of gas.
  • We've averaged 59.64 miles per hour.
  • We've averaged about 26.2 miles per gallon**.
  • We've taken 6.4 Gigabytes of pictures.
  • We've shot approximately 4.5 hours of video footage.
  • We've stayed in 2 hotels, 5 houses, 1 campsite, and 1 parking lot.
  • Travel Yahtzee's high score is 406 (I'll get you eventually, Rick!).

You might notice there aren't any cash totals here. Plain and simple, its because we don't want to know!

** We've got a full tank of gas in the car so the miles/gallons numbers listed won't give you the correct MPG. Instead we use the built in trip computer to give us this average.

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4 Responses

  1. Puff Impressive stats.
  2. hgwhite hmmmmm..... So I notice you claim to have filmed 4.5 hours of video.However, there continues to only be one video. I'm perplexed. Does that mean there are still other videos waiting to be posted? Or were those hours spent on just that one video? ;)
  3. hgwhite also... I wouldn't want to know how much I'd have spent either- I can totally dig it! Perhaps at the end of the trip you can give us a tally? So it won't spoil your travels, but we can also still have kind of idea what this kind of thing costs.
  4. Max OK I really liked the information. Don't figure out your cash now. You will only get sick. Reminds me of Dave, Rick. He would let me see his report card the day we came home from vacation and not before. He did not want to spoil a good time. LOL