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The Road to Memphis

Thursday, May 1 2008 at 5:47 PM by Rick

Was littered with armadillo carcasses.

As we pulled in to our luxurious Red Roof Inn at just past midnight, we passed a handful of cop cars doing vehicle searches and questioning people, generally making us feel unsafe. Undeterred by the heavy presence of law enforcement and charged by gaining an hour (thank you central time) we headed over to bustling Beale Street, the Home of the Blues.

Exiting the parking garage, we met a guy named Eric and joined up with him and his group of friends who showed us around. We went over the The Red Rooster, skipped the line and got in free since he knew the person at the door. We celebrated his wife's birthday all night, and through conversation learned:

1. to keep moving, because Memphis will suck you in
2. all about the Memphis in May Music Festival
3. that Memphis is consistently in the top three cities in violent crime, and also in homicide

It was an awesome night, and the people made our stay in Memphis fun, memorable, and short.

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  1. Peege It is so cool that you met someone from Memphis who showed you around and had fun with. An all night birthday party, skipping lines, getting in free...sounds like you were treated like celebrities. Another unique experience in making the trip memorable!
  2. Peege PS. Why was Memphis littered with dead armadillos?