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The City that Care Forgot

Thursday, May 1 2008 at 6:27 PM by Rick

During the daylight, New Orleans was impressive in different ways.

The architecture of the French Quarter is very unique and you can wander around for hours on end. We drove around for awhile taking it all in. Decatur Street, Bourbon Street, Orleans, the Esplanade, Royal Street, Canal Street, the River Walk and even the Warehouse District are all great to see.

The outdoor market on Decatur was pretty touristy, but the live jazz band was excellent. The simple four piece combo really laid it down. In contrast, a traveling musician by the name of Stoker was equally impressive, in that he was playing blues guitar, harmonica, and tambourine simultaneously. He was a cool cat, and if we get the down time, we'll post the video of him playing in the street. We also met an excellent and very friendly local artist, Rhonda Papania, whose drip paintings embody the life and energy of New Orleans.

We rounded out our too-short stay by visiting the altar and shrine of voodoo queen Marie Laveau. The place is one-of-a-kind, but since photos are prohibited by way of a curse, we can't show you. Though we will say, if you ever need any kind of amulet, charm, dust, powder, or mystical object to protect you from a dark art or evil spirit, this is THE place to go.

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  1. Max Your description of the French Quarter brings me back to days gone by. I loved it. There was a pastery that they made in New Orleans. Little round balls covered in sugar. I forgot the name but it starts with a B. Like Beconets.I am sure it is not spelled like that but I wondered if you had any. Most people do.
  2. hgwhite So I'm curious about that picture of Royal Sonesta Hotel- is it called "Desire"? (a shout-out to Streetcar, I presume)
  3. madmikeee Max they are called Beignet (ben-yea) or French donuts. If you guys saw Jackson Square then you were right across the street from the home of the Beignets too. Cafe du Monde. I wish I'd have known you two were hitting NOLA before you got here to Houston. I would have met you there and hang out and see my peeps too! nubs!!! Especially JB!
  4. Peege Yes, Mad you're right, they're Beignets! They're fabulous! I couldn't remember the name either.