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The Big Easy

Thursday, May 1 2008 at 6:02 PM by Rick

After a full day of driving through Mississippi, we arrived at our hotel in New Orleans.

Fortunately, it was a step up from the previously scary Red Roof Inn, and only a few blocks from Bourbon Street, where we headed after dropping our bags.

This place is crazy. A short walk yields more than the eye can handle, most of it being flashy neon signs, screaming drunk people, flirtatious strippers/dancers, blaring brass bands, and screaming drunk people. Hand Grenades and Hurricanes are the beverages of choice, and beads hang from everywhere. The whole area is one big party, and we had a blast.

New Orleans is a place that deserves its own vacation.

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  1. Peege Fabulous place isn't it? So much to see & do, culturally, historically, & the great cajun food! Definately a destination you'll want to revisit. You just can't experience all that is New Orleans in just one day.