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Thank you, Escapes parking lot

Thursday, May 1 2008 at 6:36 PM by Rick

We rolled into Galveston, TX late at night. Too late to camp, we decided to sleep in the car for the first time.

After casing several hotels and parking lots, we settled on the Escapes resort because it looked secluded but was still well-lit and safe. As we were transferring our stuff from the trunk to the front seats (so we could fold the back seats down), a security guard walked up and informed us we had to move across a row of bushes to the beach side of the lot.

So, we did this, and slept well knowing we were safe, having a security detail watch over us.

But, he failed to protect us from the love bugs. We slept with the windows cracked and woke up to about a dozen of those babies in the car.

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5 Responses

  1. Peege LOL. I'm sorry I'm sure it wasn't funny for you, but it sure is funny reading aout it! :)
  2. madmikeee Yeah, those lovebugs are killers. :P So wheres next? Austin? San Antone? or the big D?
  3. hgwhite Oh my gosh! I would have TOTALLY flipped out!!! ew.
  4. Jay Heading to Austin today... :)
  5. madmikeee Mmmmmmm, 6th Street! :) Don't know if it's too early for the bats under the Congress Street bridge. Very kewl when they swarm out from under the bridge every evening. Lots of places to enjoy a frosty beverage and watch. O, and don't for get....mmmmmmm, 6th Street. :p Have fun, be careful hippies!