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Thursday, May 1 2008 at 6:44 PM by Rick

A few of you have written wondering why I'm writing many of our posts.

Well, I'll tell you. While I'm writing, Jay is keeping this site up and running all on his own. Not only did he design, develop, and build this entire site, but he's the one who keeps it alive. And it's quite a bit of work.

He updates the map, creating our route so you can follow us. He's updated some back-end stuff which none of you can even see. He keeps the site clean of bull$hit spam posts. He was in the drivers seat making the philly video (and yes, we know we need more). Oh, and in his free time he also saves, resizes, and uploads all the photos, grouping them into galleries and albums. Not to mention, he is integral in creating the outline of all the posts we do write.

None of you can see this. So none of you can truly appreciate all that he does. But trust me, it's a lot of work.

So everyone, please give a big hand to Jay.

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  1. Max Big hand to Jay. I cannot even begin to imagine what goes into doing something like this. You know Rick, just how limited I am. But we love all that you both do. Love to read the copy. It is great. Glad you liked New Orleans. We are enjoying the trip with you. Luv
  2. hgwhite well, i'm glad to know that jay's not slacking off, nor that you, richard, are hogging all the posts from him! lol glad to hear you're both alive (though it sounds like a close call with those lovebug things!), and having a good time. not so great weather here in philly a few days this past week- i hope you're having happy sunny days (other than that rainy day in memphis) in your travels! :)
  3. Peege Sounds..(clap, clap, clap)! I know both you guys are working hard on this and it shows! Great posts, great pictures and the site is truly awesome! You make a terrific creative team. Go Jay...Go Rick...
  4. Max Rick, forgot your E-mail address. Send it to me, you know my E-mail.
  5. shawna hey guys! it really looks like a blast! Just one quick request -- i think your public would like to see more pics with you guys in them!!! Don't be shy!! I am curious to see just how long Richard's beard is!!! So there you have it. The people have spoken. BLUE TO YOU RICHARD!!!!
  6. Jay Thanks Rick! I wouldn't deny our visitors any of your comical narration and witty commentary., so the writing is your show. :D