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Attack of the Love Bugs

Thursday, May 1 2008 at 6:32 PM by Rick

Apparently, it's love bug season. These suckers are everywhere.

We saw huge swarms of them in Louisiana. Swarms so thick that, from a distance, they look like hanging smoke or spraying water. They absolutely covered the windshield and front of the car.

These black bugs have a highlight of orange and are so named because you often see them in pairs. Oddly, they are attached at the butt and face opposite directions, meaning that in order to move, one of them is always going backwards. Pretty odd.

We thought as we left Louisiana headed for Galveston, TX we would leave them behind. We were wrong.

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  1. Puff Love bugs are insane! Be careful, those little guys are very acidic. (i.e. detrimental to Jay's paint job).