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Go Galveston!

Tuesday, April 29 2008 at 12:45 PM by Jay

Here we are at the Galveston Island Convention Center making a few quick updates to the site. We'll work on getting some pics and posts of Memphis and New Orleans up as soon as we situate ourselves in Houston.

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  1. Essa Sirnsil! I miss you.
  2. Puff In case you are in Oregon in May:
  3. Max Still reading every day to see what's going on. Love the pic's. Just a shout to say hello and stay healthy and safe. Love Gram and Pop
  4. Tricia Hey Guys, You've made it far so soon! Are you going to visit Arlington? =)
  5. DeathDealer OMG, Galveston is the Suxzores!
  6. Jay It's not looking too good for Dallas right now. We've been told by many a Texan that Austin and San Antonio are the places to hit. Neither of which is close or on the way to Dallas, so it may not make it onto the itinerary.