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Pit Stop

Monday, April 28 2008 at 3:06 AM by Rick

We drank too much Coke and couldn't hold it.

Here are some other highlights from our drive from Atlanta to Memphis:

-Shady as hell strip joint in rural Alabama: "Willie's Boobie Trap"
-Bugs the size of flying saucers
-Flying saucers
-Three deer, a fox, and some unidentifiable predatory quadriped (are there hyenas in 'Bama?)
-Can someone please explain the fascination with Bingo in northern Alabama?  We passed about 10 bingo joints in as many minutes, each with a huge yet overflowing parking lot.

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  1. Max Rick, All I have to say is that this copy is so great it has me on the floor laughing. This needs to go in a book. This writing just cannot be wasted. I is too funny. This should get published. Love Gram
  2. LilCarol Hey guys! This is great! Love reading along. If you make it to Nashville (I see you are heading to Memphis) stop in downtown Nashville. Got some great lil bars there. And there is one on the outskirts called Silverados ... with a cheap cover charge at the door there is free beer (bottled!) until 11pm. At least it was like that the last time I was there about a year or so ago!. Have fun ... and keep writing! Living vicariously through ya!
  3. C-Note Great seeing you guys the last few days. Thanks for putting away the dishes from the dishwasher and the extra laundry money. Hope Memphis is great. I'll be checking back.
  4. sherry Don't bother coming home if you can't trick an unsuspecting Texan into revealing his(or her) BBQ secrets. I'll think about settling for cornbread.
  5. LilCarol sherry, if you like corn bread ... I have a great, easy recipe for corn casserole that I got when I was in Nashville. I can send along if you want. Carol