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Thursday, April 24 2008 at 4:50 PM by Rick

So, we're in McDonough, GA.

On Tuesday morning, we left Wrightsville and headed for Skidaway Island State Park, in Savannah Georgia. Our first night of camping was...interesting. We arrived under the cover of dusk, and fought our way through clouds of insects until I reached my breaking point and went back to Kroger to get some Off! Upon returning with the most badass bugspray I could find, and a cool lantern to boot, Jay already had a baby fire going. We covered ourselves in deet, and began setting up our tent.

The tent went up quite easily, which is, I suppose, one of the perks of getting a better tent. With shelter and fire taken care of, we addressed the next bare necessity: food. Our "pudgy pie makers" aka "pie irons" did pretty well at getting us some hot pepperoni and cheese sandwich/calzones. In the first batch, one was raw and one was burnt, but our next two were nice n melty.

Sleeping was pretty comfortable, considering we were on the ground. Our pads and sleeping bags kept us more than warm enough, but our sleep wasn't too sound, mostly due to our own paranoia. The largest threatening animal we saw all night was a mosquito?, but it was roughly the size of a Cessna, so there's that.

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  1. madmikeee Welcome to the south fellers. (sound of Dueling banjos in the background =) The mosquitos only get larger the further south you go. Enjoy! Start looking for the good BBQ joints though, mmmmmmm.
  2. Peege Yup! That's just ONE of the reasons why we never went camping. I'm sure you'll discover the others on your own! ;)