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Sunday, April 20 2008 at 9:59 AM by Jay

The post title says it all.

Yesterday we woke up, packed the car, and hit the road. We began our first stretch of southern driving through Delaware. We crossed the Chesapeake Bay Bridge/Tunnel and had some lunch (albeit a late one) at Virginia Beach. We walked the beach for a bit, before getting back on the road.

Last leg of the journey brought us into Wrightsville Beach at about 10PM last night. We acclimated ourselves to the new digs (and extremely friendly cats) grabbed some dinner and crashed. We are staying at Rick's ex-boss's beach house and let me be the first to say: this place is sensational. I completely "get" what all the buzz is about here in the outer banks Cape Fear area of North Carolina.

Don't forget to check our progress here!

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  1. Max Good Morning Guys, Read your Blog and just wanted tosay Hello and Happy today. Leaving now to go to see David Moto Race. Let you know how he made out. Love from Me and Pop
  2. franb Hi Guys, have read alot about Wrightsville Beach. Is it worth visiting? Love Mom
  3. Max Good morning guys. It is still a beautiful day in RI. Hope it is the same for you. Pop is watching your travels on his atlas and predicting where you will go next. So, I just let him have fun. You have fun today. Love Me and Pop
  4. ghpace glad you guys are enjoying it. hey fork, can u sift the cat litter for me? also, just as a favor to my tourism client there, please know you are not in the outer banks. you are actually in the Cape Fear area. hope it's sunny. gp
  5. Jay Hey Grant, Thanks again for letting us stay in your fantastic place. Richard is sifting as we speak.
  6. Max Good Afternoon. Just giving you both a hello. Are you home sick yet. Love Gram & Pop