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Last Day in Philly

Friday, April 18 2008 at 6:04 PM by Jay

After our day in downtown Philadelphia, and the theatre after-party, we had a low key day yesterday.

Heather, Rick and I walked up the street into Wayne. Along the main line, Wayne is peppered with shops and eateries. We strolled into the Great Harvest Bread Company. Sampling some of their daily made breads (cinnamon burst was our favorite), we each chose a gourmet style sandwich for lunch. We walked back down the street and ate our lunch at the courtyard of the local Episcopal church.

The sandwiches were great, but after Rick and I missed out on our Italian ice/ice cream the other day we made sure to hit Aux Petits Delices. It was a tiny French bakery advertising gelato and sorbet. We tried Hazelnut, and Vanilla gelato and a coconut sorbet. Since the weather was a gorgeous mid-70's, the frozen snacks were a welcomed refreshment. As was the exquisite accent of le proprietor and head chef. Sadly, he was not sporting a toque.

The rest of the afternoon was devoted towards various odds and ends. Of note, you will find the video we put together on the previous post. A little rough going at first, we worked out all the kinks and managed to make a solid little video. We just about finished before it was time to head out to Villanova Theatre's performance of The Illusion.

The Illusion was originally a French play written by Pierre Corneille, but the more popular version has been "freely adapted" by Tony Kushner. Which basically means he removed erroneous parts, made up a bunch , and did whatever the hell he wanted to make it more 'structurally and comedically sound.' Whatever he did, it worked. The play was excellent, and so were all the aspects of the performance. Casting, costumes, lighting, and the set were all very well done within a tight budget and tighter theatre. Even the hard-nosed critics next to us could not help laughing aloud.

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  1. Peege You guys are killing me! You're "eating" your way across the county! LOL
  2. franb Hey guys, I like your pirate chicks. Very pretty. Gelato--its the best!!
  3. franb Any pictures of the play?
  4. Jay Nope...I guess you'll have to come down and see it for yourself! :)
  5. Max Wow, you guys have some appetite. You eat a lot. Save some room in your stomach for the rest of the trip. This is only the 3rd day. Love ya lots, me.
  6. hgwhite pics of the play are on Villanova Theatre's Facebook profile :)