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Illadelphia - The Video

Thursday, April 17 2008 at 6:47 PM by Jay

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  1. Peege Love the video, keep them coming!
  2. franb Hi guys, this is so much fun. I did love Philly, but cheez whiz! ugh!
  3. Max Boy am I enjoying this vacation. I needed it. Could almost taste that steak with peppers and onions. Yum. Well I am along for the ride so cannot wait for my next port of call. Luv me
  4. Max Just one question. Did each of you eat both of those big sandwiches or did you split them. Boy they were big. Paula was saying you could eat 2 of those easily. Love me
  5. Rick No, we got two sandwiches and ate half of each so we could compare/contrast. However, we are already hungry for more fake cheese. Last night I had a cheesesteak dream.
  6. Puff You have a hippo fetish.