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Wednesday, April 16 2008 at 9:22 PM by Rick

After lunch, we headed to Independence Hall and the historic areas of Philly.

A semi-interesting tour exposed how much more 5th graders know about colonial America, in comparison to their parents, and pretty much everyone else. Since it was a gorgeous day, we couldn't bear being inside too long, and began wandering around on our own.

The area was chock full o'statues, with one featuring Jay's last name. We peered down into the rubble foundation of Ben Franklin's old house, and ventured into an underground museum, which had only one other person (the guard), a small scale animated model of Independence Hall, and a curious array of telephones on pedestals.

We stopped for orange creme sodas, then trekked it over to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Liberty Bell, and were heading back to the car when we spotted an anti-war rally, complete with carneys toting animals heads on sticks, and a George Bush caricature riding a missile. This parade encircled the Free Tibet protest, which bordered the opposing factions of the Hillary/Obama area. Topped off by 5 helicopters, this was a peaceful hotbed of political activism we were happy to see.

On our way out of the city, we swung by the Franklin Institute (they really love that guy in Philly), and gave a shout out to Rocky as we gazed up the steps of the Art Museum.

Hungry, we went to a nice casual restaurant, Gullifty's, near Villanova. We shared a few ice-cold Yeungling's (on tap no less), some dynamite ribs, and a buffalo chicken pizza.

Now, we're back at Heather's apartment regrouping and recharging before going to her theatre production after-party.

Busy day. Hope they're all this good.

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  1. LarryB (Money) Sounds like a blast. Lemme know if you make your way through ohio.
  2. Peege FABULOUS! Looks like you're are off to wonderous adventure. Love this blog! Makes me feel like I'm traveling along with you and sharing in the excitement. Can't wait for the next stop...