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And we're off!

Wednesday, April 16 2008 at 11:55 AM by Rick

Day one, and we've already covered a few states.

We began by getting a pair of haircuts in RI. Yes, even me. Then, at long last, we gathered the last of our things and headed to Connecticut.

We contemplated camping on the beach of Hammonasset State Park, but opted for a delicious (albeit unhealthy) fried fish dinner and met up with Jon (Jay's old boss) in New Haven, CT. We walked around Wooster Street and past the famous Pepe's pizza, before heading over to the Yale campus. After nearly getting locked in the campus (confusing gates, don't ask), and some brief shadow-puppeteering with Greta (Jon's adorable daughter), we made tracks towards Philly.

Despite an inadvertent 20 mile detour, we arrived at 1:00. And we learned that Jay's gas tank has a generous fuel reservoir, even below the E line.

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