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Sunday, April 13 2008 at 12:29 PM by Jay

Wow...I never would have thought I had so much stuff. After two days of non-stop packing, I'm ready to blow out of here and close the 'Connecticut' chapter of my life. Two more days of work ahead between unpacking all my stuff, packing for the trip, and packing the car...

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  1. FoyBaird Hi Jason: So sorry I was not able to say good bye. But I think this site is awesome and will be following your travels! XXX Sharon
  2. madmikeee Keep trip info updated J! So I can alert the cops whenever you guys to close to Houston! :p BE CAREFUL!!! Mikeee D., aka Calapoopoo
  3. Boo Damn..leave already!! I'm getting thirsty! Keep safe!