In the Rear View

Where Are We?

Saturday, March 29 2008 at 8:34 PM by Jay

Every week or so, we'll try and upload our GPS log data so everyone can see what routes we've taken and where we've been. We've got a GlobalSat DG-100 that pulses the satellites at a custom interval and records information back to internal memory. It can record speed, altitude, latitude and longitude, so it should track us across the United States fairly accurately.

The initial 10 mile markers might be a bit too stretched out, we'll be tweaking the logger to find a more accurate compromise of data intervals.

Don't forget you can click and drag the map, as well as zoom in and out!

UPDATE: We've tweaked the logger again. You've probably already noticed the the markers don't appear on the map. This is because we've tweaked the logger to a 2 mile interval, which results in a huge number of markers. To make the map easier to follow, we've removed the distracting markers. You can still roll over the route line and click to see time and date information at each interval.